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Brands and businesses are changing so fast that it can feel like you are in a whirlwind. To be successful in today’s digital world, the ability to transform is essential.

At GfK, we think of ourselves as at the center of this transformation, using data and insight to make sense of continuous change. We help you navigate the revolution and make the right decisions to survive and thrive.

We analyze measured behavior as well as attitudes, build sophisticated customer segments, and pre-test and post-test concepts. We constantly pioneer new techniques to understand the Connected Consumer in an era where media fragmentation makes them harder to reach than ever.

We help you understand, activate, and measure the consumer of today.

Come and visit us on our booth in hall 8.1 / A-011 to find out more. Or contact us for a reserved one-on-one session.

SUPERCRUNCH by GfK is your home for data-driven marketing – with full service and custom marketing solutions ‘under one roof’.
The team of data scientists, business and sector experts will be at the booth ready to answer any questions.

Let us show you how we’re collaborating.

Supercrunch by GfK

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Talk 1: Elevating Digital Advertising – #Are your digital ads “Fit” for purpose?

Talk 2: Bridging offline behavior with online targeting: Improve your data activation campaigns

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