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Smart Home

We took a walk in the shoes of a “client company” and developed the Smart Home Study following our own Innovation journey. That's why we are convinced all the insights and learnings we found during the path are valuable for you too.

After the hard work involved in uncovering the needs and working with the target audience to co-create concepts we have arrived at four motivating product/ solutions ideas.

We have wrapped all the project in an easy format so you can have a better understanding. Don't hesitate to contact us to know more about the innovation journey.

 Download the smart home interactive pdf


Why do three out of four new product launches fail to achieve their potential?

The first step to address this question is to identify and understand the target market for any new product or service launch. To achieve this you need to view your potential customer in the widest context possible, not just by looking at all aspects of their lives, but also how they are evolving over time.

Download Targeting interactive pdf


How can brands identify where there is potential to disrupt?

Once the right consumer target has been identified it's important to understand the behaviour and attitudes at both an unconscious and conscious level. Hearing directly what consumers want and desire can still add value, but it's increasingly important to capture behaviour in the context of consumer's lives and across their online and offline activities.

Approaches such as ethnography and passive digital monitoring are a couple of examples that can help spot unmet needs, even before consumers themselves have acknowledged the gaps.

Download Needs interactive pdf

Co - creation and Design

How can your brand develop the right ideas?

Even with a true understanding of consumers' needs it is still easy to get things wrong. Therefore it is essential to work with your customers to develop and explore ideas. Co-creation is one user-centred approach. Taking place during the early stages of the innovation journey and using the direction and insights emerging from contextual research with consumers, co-creation is about building on the latent needs of consumers.

Download Co-creation interactive pdf


How can you be completely sure? Give consumers the final say

At this point, although you know absolutely everything about the logic behind these new concepts, you need people who look at your ideas with fresh eyes and from their unique point of view: Your consumers!. Most screening uses rating scales - for appeal, relevance and so on - and our spontaneous response to an idea is rarely a "4". We need to know which of our ideas excite and engage consumers. Following the usual route and using rating scales puts a barrier between what people really want to say and the information they give us.

Download Validation interactive pdf