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Advertising Pre-Testing in the digital age

The world of advertising has changed greatly since the days of Don Draper, the protagonist of the hit US TV show Mad Men. The obvious changes being the tech revolution, the explosion of media channels with the continuous advancement of digital, and the rise of the multi-tasking and connected consumer.

However, while brands have for some time measured the potential of ads promoted via traditional media (above all TV) as a matter of course, they are still less likely to pre-test their digital ads.

But why is that? Read more in our Point of View.

Real-life measuring of TV and online ad effectiveness

For the first time, we have developed an ad effectiveness pre-test based on "observed behavior data" that allows for the evaluation of TV campaigns, online campaigns and also mixed-media campaigns. We can show how communication strategies can be secured, BEFORE the media budget is invested, on the basis of specific practical examples, such as the evaluation of various copies, media strategies or combinations of channels.

Read more in our Point of View (in German).

How to understand consumers' media usage across devices

Media use and content consumption is now always on, anytime, anyplace and anywhere. As an advertiser, publisher, media sales house or media agency, you need a complete view of consumers’ media use across devices and platforms used at home and on the move. Crossmedia Visualizer provides this. With this web-based solution, you will have 24/7 access to insights about your target audiences’ media usage at your fingertips.

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