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MÜNCHEN HOCH5, Atelierstraße 10, 81679 Munich

In the heart of the latest central urban development in Munich, the former Pfanni District, a diverse inner-city area is growing, where life, housing, work as well as culture are developing sustainably for Munich - the so-called "Werksviertel".

WERK3 sits at the core of this area. The multi-story MÜNCHEN HOCH5 is home to spaces that provide a unique ensemble of attractive rooms. Its appearance is shaped by modern design with raw industrial charm and generous loft spaces. Farsightedness is provided not least of all by the spectacular vista looking over the city towards the Alps. MÜNCHEN HOCH5 is a unique platform for communication, dialogue and creativity. 

The easiest way to reach MÜNCHEN HOCH5 is by public transport: just a 3-minute walk from 'München Ostbahnhof'. If traveling by car, please follow signs for 'München Ostbahnhof'.

München HOCH5

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