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Keynote – Jochen Schweizer, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker Jochen Schweizer offers his audiences an unforgettable experience. Unlike many other self-proclaimed motivational speakers, Jochen Schweizer inspires listeners through
the ways in which he succeeded in shaping his own life.
He speaks from his own experiences as an adventurer, entrepreneur and investor.

His maxims are: "Have the courage to make radical changes" and "He who dares, may lose. However, he who doesn't dare is guaranteed to lose.”

In his speech "Big leaps require courage", he will take us on a whirlwind journey through his exciting life, discussing issues like: 

  • Courage consists above all of one thing, namely believing in your own abilities.
  • The uncertainty of the unknown is where we find the perfect moment,
    it's where we learn to fly.
  • Even if you don't do anything, something will happen. It just won't be
    what you want.
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