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Smart Home

We took a walk in the shoes of a “client company” and developed the Smart Home Study following our own Innovation journey. That's why we are convinced all the insights and learnings we found during the path are valuable for you too.

After the hard work involved in uncovering the needs and working with the target audience to co-create concepts we have arrived at four motivating product/ solutions ideas.

We have wrapped all the project in an easy format so you can have a better understanding. Don't hesitate to contact us to know more about the innovation journey.

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Targeting - Who Are We Innovating For?

The sobering statistic that three-quarters of new CPG products fail to perform adequately cannot be far from marketers’ minds. One area that is of paramount importance to avoid this is to truly understand the target customer. Who is this product for? What are their unmet needs? And what will make them hand over their hard-earned cash?

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If you don't target your idea towards the right consumer, it will fail

Identifying and really getting to know a target consumer group could make all the difference to the success of your new product or service. Here we outline some thoughts on targeting, and how we identified the sandwich generation as a potential audience for smart home innovations.

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Needs: Why the smartest thing about your brand is your consumer

One of the challenges when identifying opportunities for innovation is that consumers don’t always recognise what they need. Steve Jobs famously said that the IPod would have not been developed if Apple had simply asked what people wanted. The innovations that succeed are those which disrupt consumer behaviour by providing a product or service that improves what is currently done today.

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Co - creation and Design

Unlock new opportunities for innovation by placing people at the heart of the design process

Taking a user-centred design approach involves actively engaging with end-users to gather insights that drive design from the earliest stages of product and service development, right through the design process. It’s about shaping new products and services together with the people that will use them.

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How to take concept validation to the next level - Just listen to your customers

So you are nearly at the last stages of your product development. Your team has invest a lot in developing new ideas - not just time and money, but also thought, effort and emotion. And imagine you have come up with four really good ideas.  All have a good rationale, all could work.  But, say you only have resources to bring one to market now.  What is the best way to decide which one?

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