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From Audio to Cloud, Analytics and IoT: HARMAN’s ten year journey of innovation

Developing an “innovation” culture in any organisation, big or small, is a major challenge.  Innovation requires change and the ability to be reflective about how you are working, what you take as established truths and a willingness to re-invent oneself. At the same time, you must run the company, keep the cash flowing in and exceed the expectations of share-holders and industry commentators.

Balancing these demands can be a major challenge especially in a world where industry disruption is becoming the normal way of doing business. At HARMAN, we have doubled down on our innovation focus and constantly challenge ourselves to retain an entrepreneurial mind-set and to understand how we can be the disruptor before others disrupt us. 

Over the last decade we have been on a journey to continually re-invent the company to where we are today a leader in consumer audio, automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics, and a leading provide IoT, Analytics and cloud services.  Not bad for a 70 year old Audio company!

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