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Unlock new opportunities for innovation by placing people at the heart of the design process

Taking a user-centred design approach involves actively engaging with end-users to gather insights that drive design from the earliest stages of product and service development, right through the design process. It’s about shaping new products and services together with the people that will use them.

Your concept + your consumer = co - creation

Co-creation is one user-centred approach. Taking place during the early stages of the innovation journey and using the direction and insights emerging from contextual research with consumers, co-creation is about building on the latent needs of consumers.

By engaging with the people using your products and services during this early, formative stage, established practices can be overturned and assumptions may be questioned but the likelihood of new opportunities for innovation being uncovered can increase – turning new and existing knowledge into innovative products, services and commercial opportunities

The Smart Home case study

We recently ran a co-creation workshop with 12 participants to test, develop and iterate four early concepts developed by GfK that demonstrated how Smart Home technology could address identified consumer needs. The workshop involved the GfK team working collaboratively in groups with the participants to understand typical days in their lives and start exploring how smart home technology and the raw concepts could meet their needs, improving their quality of life.

The session was participatory, creative and engaging; the participants collaborated to further develop the concepts, revealing new insights to inform future product and service development. These insights positively impacted on the original scope of the concepts – broadening the opportunities and deepening the relevance and value of the concepts with consumers.


Taking a user-centred design approach can lead to the development of products and services that people genuinely need and value and that they find intuitive and easy to use – delighting your customers and increasing business impact and competitiveness. In our Driving Innovation event, we’ll guide you through this process…