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Open Banking - Opportunity, risk or both? We'll tell you

Excitement is growing around the arrival of Open Banking in 2018, but how likely is it that it will have a transformative impact on the financial services industry? Will existing and new providers be able to deliver sufficiently compelling consumer benefits? How can they overcome barriers such as data security concerns and inertia? Join us on the afternoon of 18th July, as we explore how brands can realise the Open Banking opportunities and delight customers.

Key take outs:

  • Understand current consumer attitudes to Open Banking
  • Our key-note speakers from Visa, Money Dashboard and Accenture will share the latest insights of the sector with you
  • Appreciate the conditions that will lead to Open Banking becoming a “game changer”
  • Discover how to overcome your Open Banking challenges with our GfK expert
  • Engage with experts and your peers during networking opportunities