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Executive summaries

Do consumers need Open Banking?

Consumers’ needs and behaviours continue to evolve as demographic and lifestyle changes, coupled with technology advancements, lead to consumers expecting more from companies they choose to partner with. Join our GfK Consumer Life expert Joe Staton as we look at how Open Banking has the potential to meet many of these modern needs, but also the consumer pain points the Open Banking services need to solve to be successful.

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Open Banking, what does this mean for financial planning apps?

Steve Tigar, CEO of Money Dashboard will look at what Open Banking means for the providers of financial planning apps. He also discusses where he sees the opportunities for both the banks and the third party app providers, and what they need to put in place to ensure customers data remains secure whilst benefitting from a complete understanding of their finances.

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“An app in my bank, a bank in my app”: understanding consumers’ in the Open Banking landscape

Join GfK’s Miriam Comber, financial services proposition expert, to understand in depth what customers want from financial services providers, how apps for account aggregation services can be most appealing, and how banks can maximise opportunities in this new era of Open Banking.

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Why only human centric open banking solutions will succeed

What do we mean by Open Banking and what does it mean for Nationwide members? What are the implications for broader financial services? Although much of the discussion around Open Banking is focussed on the digital possibilities, a human-centric approach remains the cornerstone of strong customer relationships. Mike Clark, leader of Nationwide’s Open Banking strategy will look at the role of fostering trust, overcoming complexity and delivering human services in the future world of financial services.

Which innovations will succeed on the new open banking platform?

With Open Banking penetration still at a formative stage, it will be important to understand which products and services, will propel usage to a broader audience. James Dickerson will use his experience of supporting start-ups and more established financial providers at Accenture, to explain what it takes to be a successful Fintech in the Open Banking era. He will also cover what opportunities will come to fruition
in this new era.

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How Artificial Intelligence can support Open banking

With Open Banking just around the corner there is a lot of buzz from the industry about what’s to come, but not much has been heard as yet from consumers. Brand & communications expert Bradley Taylor will use our artificial intelligence tool to look at Open Banking through the eyes of the consumer to see what barriers need to be overcome and where the key opportunities lie.

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